Hockey Tunes

The Moby Dick Raiders are hosting a hockey tournament this coming weekend and I need to make some cds to play during intros, warmups, play stoppages, floods etc etc etc.

Any suggestions for some tunes to play? Think back to when the NHL was actually on, or what you would want to hear if you were watching hockey. I know what I’d want to hear, but unfortunately I’m not the general public.

Are You Ready for This?!

I think it was on Dance Mix 92.

Thunderstruck (two words?) and Summer of '69.

Get the names of the teams then try to find tunes with the names in it. Play those tunes before the games when the teams get on the ice.
For example, if a team is named “thunder”, play the AC/DC song for them.

K for starters most of these are from D1/2/3 soundtracks

Queen - We will rock you
Poorboys - You aint seen nothin yet
John Bisasha - Rock the pond
Tag Team - Whoomp! (There It Is)
Queen - We are the champions
Gear Daddies - Zamboni

Stuff I sometimes hear when NHL was on

Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400
And stuff along those lines…
maybe some metallica ? haha

Flames have a warm up song on the P2P programs. :smiley:

We’ll… Metallica works for sure… but… play some Heavy Eric - its called the todd bertuzii or - here comes nazzy

50 cent - In da club

ahaha jj

Play Pantera - Walk


[size=7](not a rangers fan)[/size]

there is an actual CD called Hockey Tunes out.

Three Canadian dudes put it together…its hilarious

google it