Hockey games over the net

I posted about this earlier on the general chat board and got no response. 
Game Centre is a site that broadcasts every hockey game over the internet.  When I first asked, I had no idea how it would work and was curious about its quality.  Since then, CBC streamed a game over the net, but it was constantly pausing.  I talked to Citywest and they upgraded my internet through the cable line.  When the technician tested my computer speed I got readings over the 4000 and 1000 that they expect. My computer has all the minimum requirements for the site.  I decided to give it a trial as you can cancel within five days if things don’t work out.
I have tried it for two days now and while it does not pause as often as it did for the CBC game (pre upgrade), it lags and buffers enough that my son - the hockey nut in the family - says it isn’t worth the money.
Before I cancel, does anybody know if there is anything that I can do to make this thing work.  Thanks


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How many people use the net at your house? Do they use it at the same time? Do you know if a lot of people in your neighbourhood use cable modems?

So many posibilities with this , Herbie could probably help, Ive heared he runs an ISP

This may have been workable, but for 200 dollars I wasn’t prepared to gamble.  I may try next season.  We have two laptops in the house but we shut them both off and it still didn’t work.  Somebody did suggest that we bypass the router and plug the cable right into the desktop, but that was after we had cancelled.  Even if it had worked, the non-hockey fans in our house would not have appreciated losing the internet every evening of the week.  As well, we had hoped to use one of the laptops as it would have allowed us to watch the games anywhere in the house, in fact anywhere the laptop had internet access. 

The real solution is for city west to offer Centre Ice on their digital cable like the satellite providers do.