Yeah ive never seen this yellow pollen stuff before, Its everywhere.
Someone said somthing about the earthquakes or plates under ground shift the earths axis by 1% cuase us to get more sun

Say what? What yellow stuff? The simpsons?

Thats pollen dude. Your right, it is everywhere. Rupert is never dry enough to allow you to see the dust particles form.

On a global scale, a single degree is a lot, but what ever the reason for this abundance of pollen, it’s pissing me off. I can’t keep my car clean. I have to imagine that it’s really messing with people’s allergies pretty bad.

I doubt it has anything to do with global warming. Many vegetation use pollen (like angiosperms I recall) to reproduce. Unless you just had a huge spike in the number of pollenating foreign plants to create this “new” pollen, it really has always been there.

the pollen I can live with as I don’t have allergies, but what about the fly’s i felt like i was in africa the other day, swarms of them I was swatting them away from my eyes and from my ears… while I walk around town. also the noseayems errg sounds like (NO SEE YEMS) I have about 50 bites from playing Soccar yesterday…lol… I dont recall the black flies being this bad in town…
RE the pollen we see so much right now is becouse the trees and other plants are under stress couse of the excess sun when this happens there are more blooms on the trees and plants and theres more pollen.

Pollen? Never heard of it. Is it all over Rupert? :open_mouth:

If you read the first post, yes. :confused:

Why yes, that is one plants reproductive organs enlarged on the screen.


Hint: Have a look at the tips of the evergreen trees.