I was out of town for a week and came home to no internet.  The computers were turned off and when I turned them on the modem/router would not work.  I tried turning it off and on to reset it and it still does not work.  I do have a surge protector.  The modem was not turned off.  And of course SHITTYWEST is closed for the weekend, right?

Does anyone have any suggestions to fix before I take it to SHITTYWEST on Monday?

Can’t you call the internet help thing and leave a message.
There’s a line, usually they are there on saturday.
I think anyhow.

624-2111 I think?

If its critical that you have access to the internet go to the library or use whatever you are using right now. Otherwise stop complaining and go outside and do something until Monday.  Its pretty fucking pathetic how reliant on the internet people have become.

Is your ADSL LINK light on?

no, the ready light comes on when the router is turned on and then goes off…only the power light stays on.

Phone line plugged in to the ADSL box?

yes, first thing I did was check all the wires/phone lines

What kind of modem do you have?  When you say router, do you mean the modem?

IF the link light is off, you can find out if it’s your modem or line by doing this:

Round up an old phone, dial or touch- as long as it’s a real “phone company” set.
Plug it into a jack with NO filter in it. Press or dial “2” to kill the dial tone.
If you hear hear a high-freq hissing, it’s your modem. Go buy another one.
If it’s crackling like bacon, it’s your inside lines.
If there’s no hissing, it’s a Citywest fuckup, no signal.

Thanks for the replies (except for Jesus) :imp:.

I’ll just borrow a neighbours wifi until monday when SHITTYWEST opens.