HL2 case


Ya, thats awesome.

Wow, I wish i had a shop or some room to do stuff liek that. That’s incredible.

I so have to do that in my basement sometime, maybe make a halo case heheh

That’s pretty sweet. You’d think the paint on the mouse wouldn’t last very long after a bit of use though. The keyboard looks sweet, but notice the top doesn’t sit properly with the bottom now?

Wow, looks like a hefty piece of work. That’s awesome.

666, the number of the beast!

The biohazard powersupply fan is money.

The doom3 case mod kicks that ones ass by a long shot, i need to find the link but you guys and gals would shit your pants with all the work put into it.

  1. Google.com
  2. Doom 3 case mod
  3. I’m feeling lucky