Hizzonner hails the New Year

Our future is so bright, we’ll have to wear shades!

The Mayor shares some of his thoughts on the year past and the year ahead with the Northern View


Of interest his hailing of the Port as an economic engine (while at the same time having council fight them on more than a few fronts, interesting approach that)

And he continues to milk the sudden burst of head shops, tobacco shops and dollar stores as sign of the economic rebound. (Not quite Terrace levels of options there Jack)

Anyways, discuss amongst yourselves

Hilarious that the mayor’s highlights all have to do with stuff totally not having anything to do with the local government at all.
Oh wait, train whistling cessation. They passed a bylaw. DEFINITELY a major highlight that all residents should be proud of (NOT!).

[quote=“CharlesMHays”]Our future is so bright, we’ll have to wear shades!