Historic Downtown!

I was walking through our new Historic Downtown district yesterday.

The Inlander Hotel sure has a heck of a lot of history! 

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I’m not even going to touch this one.

LOL-I’d like to see a banner along with a photo put up at every site where an REAL historic building has burnt down over the years…I’ve never seen a place with so many empty lots in the downtown core thanks to arson and accidents until I moved to Rupert-then saw more old buildings burn down.  :unamused:

“…and if you look to your right, you will see the place where the Queen of England once slapped a cook for serving her rat salad.”

I’m trying to think of a suitable wine pairing to go with that dish…Yellow Tail Cab-Merlot?? Wouldn’t want the wine to outshine the food!  :wink:

Think you’re all kind of misusing the term “Historic”… or at least are taking it too literally. The reason that ALL of downtown is “Historic Downtown” is because it took almost  100 years to get downtown to the place it is today. From musgag (sp) to boardwalks to pavement, it’s the downtown core of Rupert that best displays Rupert’s history when we look at the past.

And really, what’s Rupert without the Inlander–just because it’s not pretty doesn’t mean it’s not a part of the Rupert story.

Well, it’s more along the lines of the places I have been  (or lived) where buildings that are considered “historic” are indeed close to a hundred years old and there is some sense of the passage of time and a little care about the place…Rupert looks more like a patchwork of assorted styles just tossed together and with huge hunks of fabric missing. Perhaps instead of banners, some plates attached the buildings with a “then and now” theme might be a little more attractive and help make tourists appreciate more of the history behind some of the tacky facades,eh? Do they have a “tourist walk” there to help people see more of the past of the city? If not, they are a great way to make history come alive.

yes! why not take the tourists on a tour into the historic building and bask in the smell of booze and hooker pee. theres money to be made! :sunglasses:

  lets not forget the pimps too.  i pee downtown occasionally.

Coffee with the Chairman and his wisdom on how to get money for nothing

I nearly ran over the chairman today.

woo, glad im not alone

aw don’t worry, next time you’ll get him

Beware the use of “Historic”.
They always promoted “Historic Fort St. James”.
By September, it’s likely to actually be history. The Pope & Talbot guys were called in to pick up their tools and personal belongings today.
(at least it’s not smack in the way of downtown like Skeena was, and become a decade long blight)