Hiking club

I’m new in town, moved here from Calgary at the start of december. I havn’t had any luck finding a hiking club here in town, is there an unofficial one that doesn’t have a website maybe? Or would any one else be interested in starting one? Nothing too hard, just day hikes on the weekends.

Talk to MiG or hoshq… they are the resident explorers here.

Or you could go geocaching.

Went up to mount hays today, cheated and drove to the top. Did some wandering around tho on top in spite of the rain. Also about 100m before the 4km marker theres a trail leading to a platform over top of some old concrete foundation and there is a wood stove and junk there. Who build up that stuff? is it still crown land up there or is it private? I didn’t see any no trespassing signs.

I don’t know who’s it is, but I’ve partied there a few times.

We lugged a cooler, lawn chairs, and some firewood out there last spring, and you can scope an epic sunset.

I think some guys from the Coast Guard Auxilluary built it. I’m pretty sure they don’t mind visitors, just respect it.

Haha Eso didn’t we drive my Chevette and your car up there that day? sigh Good times.

Anybody ever go to the WWII junk from the hiking the rainforest book on digby island? I went out to dodge cove today and hiked around for a while, managed a light sunburn even napping in the sun on the beach : ) There’s lots of great stuff around here, it’s amazing ppl don’t want to live up here. Anyways I tired looking for the trail head but lost it either cause the tide was too high or then the rain forest just owned me… heh heh, i’m still used to alberta where two dozen trees standing kinda together is called a forest :smile:

I’ve been all over the WW2 fort there. Fun stuff… but definately difficult to find. If you follow the wooden board walk it eventually leads down to the beach… you have to walk the beach a bit and then re-enter the woods to get back on track. Great view when you find the fort though.


i would be interested in doing some weekend hiking, there should be a hiking club. :smiley: if you start it I’ll join :laughing:

I might try and start one… I’m flying back to calgary to take some classes for work next friday. i’ll be gone till march 9th… So next two weekends I’m gone. The main reason that I don’t want to head a hiking club is that i’m new too the area, I’d be great to find someone local who’s up for meeting new ppl and roaming around. I’m used to alpine stuff where you can see where you want to go :smile:

You can still buy Hiking the Rainforest? Wow. Anyways, go and check out Second Fort near Ridley Island, it’s quite interesting and little easier to find than the Digby one . (Refer to page 43 in the 1985 printing of Hiking the Rainforest)

I believe it was the Backcountry Society who bulit the platform and pu t the wood stove in. Look for the book Hiking in the Rainforest at the library as I believe they are no longer for sale. Alot of the trails in the book have been not been kept up to date but there are afew that are still hikeable. :bulb: If you are looking for more info on local hiking spots try talking to Cowpuccino’s owner Judd. There are alot of hikers here its just a matter of knowing who and where to go.

Watch out for that Mt. Hays. This one time, me and Dustin were trying to get off Hays and it was growing dark. Dustin ended up falling off a cliff and breaking his ass. Rescue 15 had to come get us. It has an unassuming face, but it’s really quite steep and dangerous in some places.

how does someone break there ASS, I mean Your Ass is cracked already, but breaking his ASS…lol… I know this one guy, while logging fell on a stick that procedded to go were no sticks should go… blead like a mother F@cker, thought he was going to die. But Breaking A ASS…lol…