Hiking around Rupert

Hi everybody. I just moved here a while ago and was very surprised to find a very small but beautiful city, with a very beautiful scenery, lots of mountains along a very long highway but also very little on hiking trails or hiking groups: nobody hike here besides Butze Rapids or what?? :smile: I went for the Rapids since it’s really close but to me, it’s more of a “relaxing walk” than anything and it was OK for a picture or two and was almost a workout but I won’t go back unless I have some guests over and not much time…

Any information (hopefully top secret well kept not-for-not-locally-born local mystery stuff) on hiking trails going up a mountain or anywhere worth of photography would be appreciated (I love beaches, beautiful scenery, abandoned or historical places) I don’t mind an easy walk for amazing photos and I really don’t mind long hikes for stunning photos… I’m used to do hikes ranging from a couple of hours to 12 hours… from a few Km to 40… In 10 years I want to have seen it all…

But for now, I just need to GET OUT!!!

Looks like you need to get this:

There are for sure lots of epic hikes around this area-

I would recommend:

#1. finding a good hiking buddy- or group of people to go with.
#2. Picking up a copy of “outsiders guide to Prince Rupert” by Matt J. Simmons ( I think)- it’s at the library- seahorse trading- and rainforest books- lot’s of ideas and pictures in it.
#3. there’s a neat little group of people on facebook that sometimes organize trips- hikes up local mountains, snowshoeing, and climbing, etc. though it’s listed as a “secret” group on fb so you wouldn’t be able to see it- if you messaged me your name I could add you to the group… sketchy- I know…

Anyways, best of luck- it really is a magnificent place here. Lots of places to explore for sure!

I have to agree there are endless trails in the area! Even just in the immediate PR boundaries there’s a lot of trails. I recently moved here as well and have done quite a number of hikes! I’ll third the suggestion to get the book “an outsiders guide” - - It’s excellent!!! My favorite hikes are Rushbrooke Trail, Diana Lake (park just off the hwy and hike back, going past Diana Falls), Butze trail, 1,000 steps, not to mention just some of the sites to explore like Miller Bay (old TB hospital), dynamite shack (up Wantage road), etc etc etc. The area is jammed full of excellent hiking trails from easy/short to very challenging. Definately check out the Metlakatla trail (spelling?) in the summer - you take a ferry to get there but it is WELL worth it. Enjoy PR - I myself came from a big, BIG city (over a million ppl) and I couldn’t be happier here - the outdoor activities are ENDLESS!!

Matt’s book is a great resource with recently updated maps. It’s probably your best bet. There are lots of trails but there hasn’t been a ton of upkeep over the last couple decades so markings are not always clear, especially up on Mount Hays.

One that isn’t in his book is a newer trail that goes from Taylor dam. It’s a nice, challenging walk up into the alpine with great views at the end. Maybe 4 hours round trip? The black flies were pretty nasty in August though.