Highway to Terrace closed

The highway connecting Prince Rupert and Terrace has been closed.


“The Ministry of Transportation expects the highway open at noon, but indicates the confidence in happening that is low.”

Er, so, I guess that means that they have low confidence in the highway reopening at noon?

Update: Now expected to remain closed until four p.m., but low confidence again.

images.drivebc.ca/bchighwaycam/p … w/146.html

Nice, can’t even see the highway there’s so much snow on the camera. I hope the highway is open tomorrow, I want my new computer for christmas!!! (yes, I did buy local this time, thankfully)

went up on friday to get my new imac (christmas present from my wife) the highway was ok. it was pretty slippery around telegraph point but once we got further and driving on the road it was great

Now high confidence it will be open at 4:30 p.m.

Highway now open to single lane alternating traffic.

Just saw a snow laden semi pulling into Overwaitea.

This year especially the roads are really hit and miss. One day it’s like summer roads, the next it’s black ice the whole way.