Highway Collision

I was just checking the BC highway report as I’m driving back to Rupert tomorrow and I see that there was a collision 29 km East of Rupert today (Sunday).  Any one have information on this?

I saw what looked like a car in the ditch at the Rainbow Lake turnoff, and then a string of emergency vehicles heading out that way. There wasn’t any debris on the road or anything, I don’t think there would be any sort of substantial road closure.

It looked to be a green Blazer or Ford Exploder

Someone said someone spray painted the prince rupert sign out there

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Astrothug, I never knew there was such a mean side to you, I must be careful when chatting with you. But the main reason for this post is those are wonderful photos, very nice for the soul looking at those, thank you for reminding us there is some beauty left undisturbed by the Pond boom yet.

thanks for the kind words my friend.

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I heard some sort of “truck” hit the ditch and the emergency response teams had to use the jaws of life to get the people out. I also heard the ambulance(s)(?) drove code3(?) lights and sirens all the way back to the hospital, including from McBride to the hospital. A fire truck and fire van from Port Ed headed out as well. We counted one ambulance, 5 fire vehicles and two police cruisers heading out that way.

When we got back into town about 30 minutes later there was a house fire on a street near 11th Ave and there was only a small jeep (i am guessing fire deputy/marshall?) and a hose running to the house. When we left 5 minutes later a fire engine finally arrived  :astonished: :confused:

Alittle bit late but a man that just retired from the city of PR was driving back from Terrace and something happened and he went full speed into the ditch. He is in Vancouver with 2 broken legs and some other things…if you are still wondering…