Highliner Hotel undergoing renovations + clock coming back?

I was reading one of the local papers (i think it was Muskeg News) and there was an interview done with the new manager of the Highliner Hotel and he said that they are currently renovating the entire building top to bottom, including renovating all 90+ rooms (36 have been completed already) plus lobby/main enterance/restaurant, installing new more modern canopies, clean up the area around the building to make it more curb friendly, updates to the exterior lighting and he also said they are going to repaint the entire building a new colour with nice accents. When asked if the famed clock (that was destroyed in a windstorm a number of years ago) was coming back, the new manager said they are currently asking a major BC company to help sponsor a new clock for the top of the hotel, he said he would like to see the clock back up there by the Highliner’s 30th anniversary which is in November.

Loved the clock…can’t wait to see it back up there where it belongs. Also good to see the owners of the Highliner investing in the building with much needed renovations and TLC.

I believe the “new colour with nice accents” was quotes as being aqua-teal with lime trim. It sounds pretty . . . spectacular . . . for such a prominent building!

Were going back, back to the future.

city of rainbows!!! :smile:

I would love to see a clock on the tower of the Highliner!!! I am glad to hear that the new owner has changes in mind for it and has already started!!! I have to agree with whoever has mentioned putting up a mural on there. It is a beautiful and perfect spot for it!! Plus right now it is a blank canvas!!!