Hi def newb

Just got a hi def projection tv for dirt cheap

I dont care about the sound, but how do I get the best picture?

1: are all “hi def” (progressive scan) dvd players the same
2: do the rca to what ever cables really make a dif?
3: I got the tv, whats the cheapest way to get the best picture(dvd player with xvid)

What kinda dvd player you got ? what type of tv does it have hdmi or component ?

If the tv and dvd both have component use that, i doubt it will have HDMI, but use component and rca for audio,

Youll need 5 rca cables.

red Blue Green and white-red for audio.

Then your set,


My tv has hdmi is that better?

Yes, however your dvd player needs to have it too, personally id buy a up-converting dvd player they are like 129$ and use a hdmi cable, OR buy a blue ray or hd player :stuck_out_tongue:


How do I get my computer hooked up to my tv

you can buy a HDMI to DVI cable and that will give you very good picture.

I do it all the time at work with my macbook pro.

Some of the new laptops now come with HDMI out, your laptop might only have vga so your stuck with vga connected to your tv EWW!!.


I have an old agp 6600gt it has dvi output.  I wonder if I can get a widescreen hi def image?

Yes, with a dvi - HDMI cable, :smile:

hi billy only if you have a high-def source,
I use a Microsoft Xbox 360 hd dvd player, it  has usb, easy to find a driver. Now its not easy as plugging in the drive and then getting a hd dvd, there are a lot of specs that your computer needs to play it and also view it, first I would get a the new power-DVD that can play hd-dvd and also a program called anydvd this little program will let you watch hd-dvd or even blue ray on a lower computer that would normally not let you.

Your best bet is to just buy a hd/blue ray player and use that, your pc wont come close to a GOOD picture quality for movies, spend the $$ and buy a decent one, they have come down in price.

I think Samsung just released a new BD player for cheap. HDMI is the way to go tho,


lol the quality is the same as a standalone player,

from Cnet

While it doesn’t offer HDMI connectivity, the Xbox 360 HD DVD player matches up well against stand-alone HD DVD players.

and it looks awsome on my 37 inch LCD

I SAID PC not xbox.

if you read my previous post u can see that my x-box 360 hd-dvd player is hooked to my comp, which is hooked up to my TV and it’s the same as a dedicated HD-DVD player, I also have the Samsung dvd-player with the hdmi it up converts a normal DVD but I would say you’re not going to notice a difference with normal DVDS.

Ok I found HDMI dvd players for 70$ in town with the cable.

Will I get a better picture with a blu ray then a reg dvd with hdmi on my sony wega 46" rear projection?

Yes blue ray / hd is 1080P your upconverting one is probably 1080I what player  did you get ? Is it a cheap crappy 10$ cable ?


I didnt get any yet.  I just want a cheap way to get the best image on my tv

then buy what you were talking about, upconverting dvd player and a HDMI cable.!

Whats a upconverting dvd player

it upconverts the dvd quality to HDMI,

futureshop.ca/catalog/subcla … atid=24136

Here is a snipit from one of the cheaper DVD- Up-Converting Players.

and a link to them.
Up-converting your standard definition DVD collection to a rich 1080p resolution and a number of other incredible features, this DVD player is an essential edition to any high definition home theatre environment.

How does it do that?