Hey we haven't heard from Chris J in a while

Hmmm, now I may be jumping to conclusions here, but we haven’t heard much from our favourite ex patriot of late.

Couldn’t be because Ontario is having “the worst summer in recent memory” now could it???

:smiley: :imp: :sunglasses:

Haha I was just thinking the very same thought …

Ditto here.
That’s what you get for moving out to the middle of things. :unamused:

Southern Ontario weather just outright sucked when we were just there :wink:

Talked to a guy who said it’s been raining for months, too.

Warm and sunny here in not-so-foggy St. John’s, though.

Even Wayne Cox on Global said TO has had more rain than Prince Rupert this summer. 

Funny how he is soooo quiet now haha! 

His mouth is too full from eating his words.  :smiley:

Hes’s on the road…thumbing a ride back to the city of rainbows.  Thats why he hasnt been around.  No access to HTMF when your on the prairie!  He’ll be back in rupert before you know it.

Thanks for the update, mcsash!  Stay safe, ChrisJ!

PRARIE LIVIN.    lol sucks widdling sticks.  wanna see my collection from my days in rupert?