Herb Pond wins B.C. Liberal North Coast nomination

Former Prince Rupert mayor Herb Pond will take on incumbent NDP MLA Jennifer Rice for the North Coast riding after winning the B.C. Liberal nomination this afternoon.


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Congratulations Herb Pond. Now its time to show Jennifer Rice and the NDP the door. She does not represent all her constituents.

I have mixed feelings about our MLA. She has her work cut out for her; Pond is a strong opponent.

Congrats to Herb, hope he can show how much hypocrisy Miss Rice spouts about the LNG, especially the one about the need to talk to area first nations, but yet she signs a document against LNG sponsered by first nations groups that do not have territory around here, without first talking to the area first nations whose territory LELU island resides on to see if they would approve of outsiders telling them what to do.

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