Help..Please..Missing dog!

Hi guys…A friend of mine has lost his 3 year old blonde colored female cockapoo from the Piggott and 6th. East area. She has been gone since noon today and is not user friendly with traffic.  She is a friendly little girl but loves to run.  I am hoping she is in that area.  If you see her, could you please try and talk her into coming to you and maybe keeping her until I can reach him. He has recently suffered a mild stroke so it’s difficult for him to look for her. His number is 250 6244515 or  you can reach me through the site…Thank you so much !  oh, her name is Chloe…

I live in that area and will definitely keep an eye out for her! 

Thank you kaleid and everyone but she was found last night and returned home safe and sound… :smiley: