Help me test widget

I’m trying to hack together some Mac OS X widgets.

Can some of you Mac OS X guys download this and try it out for a few days… let me know if it crashes or freaks out? It should show a new photo every day.

Edit:  don’t use this one, use the one on the Apple site, see below.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]


If it works out, I’ll make HTMF and other website widgets.

I’ll try tomorrow when i am home with laptop.

I’ve got an OS X box at work, I’ll give it a try, see what happens:-)

Working for me mig.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]


Ez nagyon jó!

I wonder if i should ask to make one for my site…  How does it work mig ? Did it take a long time ?

Does it take the picture from your sites code or , the pictures in a certain folder and it takes them from there… he has a app that loads the pictures from his site in a film roll.

Yup, I think I can make one for your site.  It’s a wordpress blog?

Do you want your site on the front of HTMF as well?

I use pmachine. I tried wordpress and didn’t like it to much But  i cold use it. I have it installed,

yes please put my site on htmf. I monitor it all the time some one was using my other one as a spam and porn link thing some how and i caught onto it.

widget work

Very cool, I’ve updated the widget a bit (made the thumbnail bigger, etc).

Basically, the widget is written like a website, with HTML and JavaScript.

It’s on the apple site too, which is awesome: … idget.html

Is it hard to edit this widget to work on mine ? do you have any links for info how to do this my self ? Id like to make one :smile:

I’m very close to making one that will work with your site, Jason.

I just need some free time :wink:

I tried already once, but your RSS feed is a bit weird, so I’m going to run it through feedburner.  There’s a sample RSS feed widget that comes with the Xcode stuff, so I’m just going to edit that one with your feed on it.

I’ll let you know when I get it finished.

Cool Thanks Mig.