Help! (Cell Phone)

Hello. I’ve been wondering, I haven’t used my Rogers cell phone for approximately 6 months & I’ve gone into the source & one of their employees recommended I just buy a new SIM card as after 3 months it “dies”.

However, I wouldn’t let that get me down so I traveled all the way to East Wind and asked about it there, one of the ladies there said “Yeah it’ll still work, I added time to a lady’s phone that hadn’t been used in 7 months, if there are any problems you can just call up rogers yourself”

I’m kinda confused as there’s 2 very different things being said from both stores & frankly I don’t know which to go for.

I don’t want to risk buying airtime and then finding out it won’t work because the last time I used it was mid-october.

If it does work then yeah, that’s amazing. But if I’m looking into buying a new SIM I might just sell the freaken thing.

Well, if you buy new air time and it doesnt work, couldn’t you just sell the airtime with the phone?

Um… phone Rogers and find out from them directly?

I added money to a Fido account 2 years after it was “dead” and it worked just fine. 

Pick up the phone in question and dial 611 and ask them.