Hello, not yet living in Rupert, but will be soon

Hi everyone.

I’m not really used to using forums, so forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong spot.  The only other forum I frequent has an “introduction” area, and I haven’t seen one here.

I currently live on Vancouver Island, but I will most likely be moving to Rupert in the spring (providing all goes well with the sale of our home.)  I’ve been in Rupert twice, once for a week, and another time for close to a month.  I have family up there, and I really enjoyed my stay.

I’ve been lurking here for awhile, but thought I’d join in today.  I see that there’s a lot of sarcasm on this board, so sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe and what not to!!!  So my first question is “Are you guys serious about the wolves?  Or is that just a joke?”

Anyway, I guess I’ll just jump in wherever now.

No, not serious about wolves.  But watch out for the cougars.

First off welcome to the boards, you’re quite right about the sarcasm, but it’s the currency of the place so just let most of it slide off.

Hope you enjoy your stay when you finally arrive, let us all know ahead of time and we’ll try to arrange for the one or two sunny days of the year to conicide…

As for the wolves yes, they are real, they are around and some people are more worried about them than others.

But as long as you don’t go through the woods to Grandmothers house you probably should be ok .

Enjoy your time on htmf, most of the residents are nice… those that aren’t eventually are dealt with in a style of which we shan’t speak of here… :unamused:

Yeah, we have a problem with “Cougars” here on the island too  :wink:

And Podunk, since I’ll be up there next calendar year, I will let you know so you can try to arrange for that sunny day.  I already used up one of them this calendar year when I visited. 

Don’t let the sarcasm, or the wolves scare you.  I am definitely one of the worst offenders on this site when it comes to crossing the line sometimes.  This is a terrific place to live with great people.  Seeing as you’ve already spent some time here I’m sure that you are well aware of the largest drawback…the weather.  It is what you make it and I’m sure that you’ll love the unique lifestyle that we have to offer.

this site is like a great big family, we don’t always get along but  thats ok, I have a website called
its all about the local wolves, there you will find  all the news clipping, photos, video and stories that have happened to us on our hikes and while tracking them.

also the
makes for a good read on local issues. I’m sure you and your family would love it here.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

I’ve got a question or two about the town… I was hoping someone might want to answer.

Is your town clique-y? I was there for three weeks this past fall and spent some time in town doing various things, and I found it hard to get people to talk to me.  There were only a couple of people who were friendly towards me when I initiated conversation, and both of them happened to be transplants from Vancouver Island.  Now, I just want to know, are Rupertites a bit shy when it comes to being friendly to visitors, or am I just used to the friendliness of Vancouver Island? 

Another thing…

Is the town still on an economic upswing?  There was a lot of talk of a big boom happening.  Has it “happened”?  Are you still waiting?  Or is it less of a “boom” and more of a slow uprise?  Or was it all just hype and everything is the same as it has always been?

I suppose that some people are clique-y but I would think that most of the people would be friendly.  Rupert has always had a good reputation when it comes to friendliness.  We are used to alot of vistors here so it is not uncommon to see a new face.

About the economic boom…  Our container port just opened about 6 weeks ago.  There is some other new development happening as well.  I think that our growth will be gradual but at least we are heading in the right direction.  You’re coming at a good time in Rupert’s history.  The future is bright.

Ha ha, sounds great, maybe I had food in my teeth or a booger hangin’ out of my nose.  Thanks for the feedback.

That’d do it. :smiley:

theres alot of wolves but absolutly nothing to worry about  i just wouldnt leave a dog out on a chain for long thats all  and when you do see the wolves  they are quite nostalgic  usually out somwhere the cant be bothered like across the harbour

You’re quite the archaeologist, what with all the threadging and whatnot.

Nobody said anything about all the deers!!

What deer ?

Deer, hahahaha! have you hit one yet? :smile:  This is why alot of the wolfe have come down from the mountains between that, the garbage, and the construction and traffic on mt. hays :smile: lol.  I take it Chrispy you have located to rupert? and how are things going for you???

Ok guys, I’ve been here for over a year and a half now… why are we thredging this up!!!

And yes, I love it here, and have yet to see a wolf close up.  Though I saw one far, far away on a frozen Proude Homme lake last winter.

Well certainly hope that you enjoy yourself here, do hope that you will find a nice place to live and hopefully a good job, welcome. :laughing:

Hey Princess !  I thought you had been here for awhile also as you had been posting on here but welcome again anyway and you will see a wolf, just wander up Wantage Rd., but not with your dog, if you have one.

LOL!!! I know Princess has been threading on htmf but since someone did restart the thread,figured to say hi. hahahaha

I moved her into her first house in 2008… I KNOW she’s been here for ages.