who else is totally fired up on Heart?

Well, I don’t mind the three or four Heart songs that are rotated daily on CFNR… but I’m not sure if I really grok this thread.

Why Eso, you have to be as old as Heart to actually use the word ‘grok’… did they change the lyrics to ‘go easy on you’ yet? :laughing:

sorry, I just have this notion that no matter how great some bands were (heart, trooper, even Mick Jagger), playing your old tunes in your 50s is more a reflection of poor financial management than anything else…


Trooper is a great local example. They keep playing mean-nothing venues in small towns (they’ve been to Rupert twice, and Terrace, in the last couple of years), and that can only mean that they are extremely cool, and have the wherewithal to cater to their true fans, or else that they have hit rock bottom, and need to take what they can get.

Now wouldn’t you… Baracuda!

Man, I’m using every chance I can get to mention Terrace.

Heart actually had a few pretty decent tunes back in the 70’s. I really liked Baracuda, and a few of their 80’s songs were ok too. Wouldn’t exactly buy any of their CDs though