Hearing Things on CBC Radio

Did I hear the announcer on CBC am Radio at 4 this morning, (September 8th) say that Tony Bennett [the jazz singer] was the new prime minister of Australia? It wasn’t corrected.

Did anyone else hear this? Hope I was dreaming.

Tony Abbott is the new PM. At 4am might have sounded like Bennett. Wonder if new PM can sing?

Hahaha, this makes me laugh!

October 3, 2013, CBC radio this morning announced about 8:30 that there was a gas leak in their area. The Travel Lodge near them was being evacuated and others were told to stay indoors. Both announcers rushed outside to check it out.

Not being a natural gas expert, yet keenly interested in self-preservation, I’m wondering if it might have been prudent to flip the switch to Vancouver’s broadcast, get the heck out of there, let the emergency responders do their jobs, and be far away if anything blew. How bad does it need to be with a natural gas line break before leaving the scene? Struck me that these announcers might not have been able to announce much tomorrow. The story isn’t everything.

An answer to my own question was on PJXM facebook page, everybody got evacuated. It was a broken three inch line. Capped at 11 o’clock. “Know when to walk away, know when to run”.