Heads-up Display

Interesting! Ubuntu Linux is replacing its menu with a HUD (heads-up display).

[quote]The Ubuntu operating system is to replace its application menus with a “head-up display” (HUD) box.

Users control the HUD interface by typing in the command they want carried out.

Developers of the Linux-based software say they will initially offer the HUD as an option, allowing users to “hide” their menu bars.

They say that using the HUD is faster than “mousing through a menu” and makes applications feel more powerful.[/quote]

Ubuntu swaps application menus for HUD control system

Good reason to use Xubuntu, Lubuntu or Linux Mint.

While I like the idea of shortcuts like these, they are best for launching applications, not for menus within applications. Once you get really good with an OS or application, you don’t even think about the key combinations necessary for simple tasks. ie: copy-paste, close window, quit program. I don’t think about I need to press to do those things, it just happens. Just like changing gears on a car, once you know how to drive, you just instinctively change gears, without having to tell your hands and feet what to do.

The Ubuntu HUD is a step away from this, in my opinion.

Ubuntu should put more energy into real human interface consistency instead.

[quote=“MiG”]Good reason to use Xubuntu, Lubuntu or Linux Mint.

Agreed. Ubuntu should dump their current poor excuse for a desktop environment.

Changed to Linux Mint 12 for my laptops. Sticking with 10.04 for servers.

I do have a Linux Mint 12 VM…very nice indeed! Slackware for me. :smile: