Hdmi computer to tv

I have a hdmi input on my laptop and my tv.  When I hook them up via hdmi cable, the tv does not show the start/task bar, but the image is nice.  I can I clone an identical picture on both the laptop and tv

try making your Desktop resolution smaller

I tried all the resolutions

billy do you have HDTV and do you have the manual?, HDTV works with only a few resolutions.

what card are using? I have the ATI and I use 1024 X 768 with TV but then again Im not using HDMI from computer Im using DVI.

just play with it more… you will get it…

K I played with all the settings, when I set it to extended screen it lets me adjust the resolution of the tv with slider bars.
I played a dvd that I used dvd shrink with and you lose alot of quality.  I remember seeing a setup at a mall where they used the tv as their monitor and the picture was amazing.

Billy what video card are you using? what is the brand of TV and make? and what other connection can you make to your Tv, HDMI ? DVI ?, Y Pb Pr?

If your TV only supports 720P, you’ll probably need to set the resolution to something like 1280x720 or lower. Also, if your monitor on the computer is 4:3 aspect ratio, there will be a conflict with your HD set, assuming it is 16:9 or 16:10.  Press the windows key to see if the start menu expands onto your TV. If it doesn’t, it isn’t just invisible, but missing, meaning you have the TV set to Extended. You can try to ‘clone’ the desktop, which would use the same resolution one both screens, distorting one or the other. Play with everything, it’s got to work one way or another.

Secondly you might run into a problem with the HDMI sending audio to the TV… I havn’t gotten that sorted out with my laptop yet, so good luck.

Does your TV have DVI input? 

Is there an advantage of using HDMI instead of DVI?

I’ve used my laptop on my TV using DVI, and it was just fine.

Other than sending video and audio through one, smaller cord, no. I still use VGA and 1.5mm stereo from my laptop to TV/Projector, or DVI and 1.5mm from my desktop.

I never noticed a difference with it, But I tell you right now there is a big difference between HD and regular channels. I cant wait to see the fall shows to start On HD.