Hays Mountain and Wolves

I am visiting this town for a couple weeks and I really enjoy hiking. This weekend I am planning a trip up the mountain (on foot) and I was told I should not go alone due to all the wolves being spotted around the town. I was referred to this forum because of the few topics on the wolves around Kaien Island but I am not getting the information I seek.
I would like to know if it well be an actual danger to myself if I wander up the mountain on my own? Well I be attacked by a pack of wolves?
I am not going up with any animal and I chose to go alone because I enjoy the peace and quiet.

So any information I can get from this site would be great.

I’ve never heard of a wolf giving a person trouble. Might want to bring a noise maker of some sort so you don’t accidentally startle one that didn’t realize you were in the area… but bringing another person will be added safety no matter what.

If you have a pet with you, make sure you keep it on its leash and very close, and even then you’ll be taking a small risk.

Great advice eccentric, the rule of thumb is being aware of your surroundings, the chances of seeing a wolf is very slim. Kaien island is very big and the wolves do go off the island on occasion.

if you do see a wolf; make lots of noise, throw rocks, and sticks at it.

check out my website for more info on the wolves.

and enjoy your hike… been up to the top hundreds of times and never seen a wolf, seen scat, and deer remains but that’s about it…

A few years ago, I was on a hike up the mountain and was confronted by a pack of wolves, about 5 just before the dump on the way down.  I had someone with me and we made a great deal of noise, I flashed my camera at them and we walked VERY SLOWLY away from them.  They followed us for a bit until, I guess, we were to them , not a threat.  At no time did they threaten us.  It actually was our fault as we did not plan our time and were hiking down the mountain at dusk, that is their time to wander. As eccentric posted already, please do not take a pet with you but do enjoy your hike, you are in for quite a treat.  The road is rough going in spots but it is well worth it and great photo op’s. About 1/4 of the way up, there is a kind of parking area,on the right, walk through there and down the tracks, yep, there are tracks up there, you will find the look-out that looks out over the Superport and the islands.  It is a great spot and someone even took in a wood burning stove and covered the deck of it also. Awesome place ! ENJOY !!

Astro, I have to say your site is amazing. A lot of great information. I really liked your topics “Living With Wolves” and “The Wolf Pack”. I never knew a pack of wolves was so complex, sounds like a mafia family or something.
Well thanks for the info. After Reading some of the topics on your site I feel a lot more confident.

How far up until I reach the look out? Also I heard something about a trail that starts across from the fish hatchery; is that a good trail to take or should I just stick to the road?

The old trail across from the fish hatchery is hard going, pretty but fairly grown over now.  The look-out is hard to get to but you can’t really miss the turn-off to it.  It is about 1/4 of the way up, past the area of the road that is VERY steep and rocky and on the right hand side.  You cross over a bit of water and you will find a set of railway tracks.  Follow those , watch your step and you will see the trail.  Then you have to jump down or climb down a set of steep steps but you can see the look-out from them so you know you are in the right place.  It is a well worn trail so you should have no problems. The look-out itself is man-made with a cedar floor and a roof with this cast iron woodstove in the one corner.  I have no idea how they manouvered that into place but it works and there is a great deal of kindling there so have fun…Start early though so you can enjoy the day… :smiley: