Hays Cove bridge

Ok, having just done the circle tour of the city to try and get to the east end, anyone know why the bridge at Hays Cove is blocked off with the fire dept at either end redirecting traffic?

There’s a huge fire I think.  I heard it on the police scanner when I was in a cab earlier.

Fires OK…
Just as long as its not a jumper.

Hey just heard it was a fuel leak at petro…

It’s a natural cycle. We extract fuel from the ground, and release it back into the ground.

Kind of like the long term carbon storage that Harper was pimping at the UN today.

I just spoke to the girl working at Petro and it was Skeena Disposals truck, it’s diesel tank just busted and spilled diesel all over.

Any photos as of yet? Can you imagine when the big ships start hitting our area? So train last week and now oil spill doing good. Thank you Prince Rupert Firemen.

It was a deisel spill from the Rupert Disposal garbage truck when it crossed the sixth avenue bidge heading east. Bytown was on location at 11:30 trying to fix the problem just east of the sixth avenue bridge. Fifteen minutes later the fire Dept. was there diverting traffic away because the roads were slippery and hazzardous. They should be almost cleaned up by now.  No fires that I seen just spinning tires everywhere.

My reporter went to shoot some I’m not sure how they turned out. We’ll have coverage tomorrow of it.
I know Chuck the eagle photographer took a bunch of shots.

the city has blocked off the street but people are still trying to get through the are even going around the blockaids

Not to worry - from the first time a container doesn’t get to its market on time (due to derailment, flood, collision at a level crossing, whatever) those shipping lines will pick a different port to offload at. Most of them stop at LA/Long Beach first anyway…

it wasn’t fuel, the Rupert Disposal truck had a hydraulic line burst.

oh come on guys it was not hydraulic oil, it was good ol Maple Syrup that covered the road.

Because since the strike in Vancouver, the CN Strike, the CP strike, the closing of Rogers Pass, etc… since all those stoppages, the shipping companies have pretty much abandoned Vancouver, right?