Hays cove bridge shutting down for up to 2 months

That kinda sucks, now I cant drink and drive for 2 months. 

K make your lame bot comment now Astrothug, I set you up.

You can always take Cow Bay wow.


If you wanna go through a road block

well billy I cant set you up, you did that yourself by explaining what you did!. I let others bash you for drinking and driving.

Which bridge is that?  The one close to PJ’s?  (I’m still new)

Yup, it’s the one by PJ’s.

how come?    is it finally a danger to the public? 


h4x Ayo, Hax.

yeah I think they’ll be repairing it soon =]

First of all,

I didn’t know bots nowadays have the ability to drink and drive…

New Technology

They drink nano beer and drive tron light cycles


With the schools closing and some students on the east side of town being redirected to Lax Kxeen it will be a bit of a pain to Parents getting thier children to school in what will be an already hurried and kinda stressed environment.

Isnt school out for summer

Billy Oh Billy , did you happen to notice what month it now is? Do you remember when you went back to school ? So was that a silly Billy Question ?

Trolling fuels the internet war machine.