Hays Cove bridge blocked

Anyone know why the bridge across Hays Creek at Petro Can was blocked off around the noon hour? Lots of cops and backed up traffic around then!

A jumper

Was the person ok?

Not if they were successful.

When I drove by, there were 2 men trying to hold onto one very intent man, With a VERY distressed looking woman on her cell phone…trying to call for help. Regardless of his choice to jump or not…he Impacted many people…by that one choice. I find it very callouse…to joke about suicide. Hope they were successfull and recieved the help. Because Dealing with Suicidal feelings is not easy. A friend did the same thing years ago. Only he didn’t do it in the light of day. R.I.P Bill Keating. We still miss your friendship.

Often times, people joke about things because they’re uncomfortable talking openly about the situation. And do keep in mind, that anything anyone else said, is only offensive if you want it to be. I’ve had to bring friends back from their suicidal thoughts, it’s not pleasant, I agree. But don’t let other people’s words control your feelings about it.

Rest in peace Billy Badd. <3
We still think of you.