Hauling from Edmonton to Rupert

I need a scooter brought from AB and I’m having a heck of a time finding anyone that comes this way. 

Does anyone know of any local truck drivers that haul from Edmonton to Rupert?  I’ve tried most the local companies and not much luck so far.

If you know of anyone that’s heading this way and has a bit of space available please contact me…



have you tried looking at other mods of transportation’s like a train? Might be cheaper then you think.

plus the train does go from Edmonton to prince Rupert.

Did you try Oliver? Someone else here may have his number. He makes the trip out often and has brought things back for us. His prices are very fair.

Thought of the train already :frowning:  I did make enquiries early last week with CN, first with their auto transport division and then general freight…no luck so far - well the people that arrange the auto hauling said no they only deal with automobiles and freight division never returned my call.

:smiley:  After much calling around town and having no luck, I was driving home from work today and while going through the industrial site saw a truck with Alberta plates, thought what the heck and approached the driver.  A quick call to the company in Edmonton and my baby will be on its way here tomorrow! YAY!!!

Thanks to those who replied to this thread and offered up advice.

Awesome!  I’m glad you figured it out!