Harris & Wick Goldsmiths New Store

Harris & Wick Goldsmiths New Store…

We’re open now at 171, 3rd Ave. East.
The old Shirts by the Shore location across from Entire.
Awesome place, check it out folks.

Welcome to HTMF! :smiley:  Good luck at your new location!

Well done and I am sure that you and your staff will fit right in and I will be there to buy something small for my little lady. Good Luck to you all it is the only place I go.

Frequent visitor to your store, looking forward to checking out the new location.  Would also be great to see the old VW planter blooming once again in the spring.

Oh thats awesome news! I was back to PR for a weekend in October and thought you guys had closed your doors!! Hope you do well down there with the little touristos!!!  :laughing: