Harper's Island

Seems some Canadians are making a correlation between this show, and Harper’s government, the provinces and territories.

There’s a blooper in the first episode (there are probably more) when Abby arrives at the dock, the cab door, below the company name, says “Seattle, Washingtion”.

I haven’t seen the show… is it good?

Isn’t it set in Washington state?

i heard it was filmed on bowen island

The movie location is Bowen Island. A friend is watching the show and I caught a bit of it. Seems like something that was on before. One victim every episode (two in the first) for 12 episodes, I think. Seems like those murder mystery plays where the audience is part of the action and has to figure out who is the murderer.

“TV Review: ‘Harper’s Island’ Has Great Hook But Lackluster Execution” LOL!

So it’s filmed on Bowen Island, but it’s supposed to look like Washington State?  Wikipedia says: “Friends and family attending a wedding celebration on a secluded island off the coast of Seattle die one-by-one.”

Is it worth the download?

ive got it saved on the pvr ill post a review soon  :smiley:

Ok, I totally didn’t see the misspelled ‘Washingtion’ there, and thought the blooper was that it was supposed to be set in Canada but had a Seattle cab.  Looks like it’s the other way around, and they can’t spell.

You don’t have to dl it.  You can get it off of Global’s site.


That is downloading it.  How do you think it gets from global to your computer? :wink:

I want to watch it on a PVR on the big TV, not on the computer.  It’s easy enough to download it (either from Hulu or Global) and watch it on the TV, instead of a browser.

But I want to know if it’s worth it first.

so far, so good.  I’m watching it now.

I watched the first one. It’s got potential. I’m going to give it at least one more before I decide to keep watching it or not.

I just finished watching the first episode.  Pretty freaky for regular TV.  I don’t know if I’ll continue to watch it though.  I USED to love horror/murder mystery stuff, but since having kids I’ve lost my interest in such things.  It’s not as fun to be scared when you have little ones to protect. :astonished:  But the characters are fun so far.  I think the little girl did it  :wink:

Ok, I won’t bother then :wink:  Thanks for the review.

Meanwhile, speaking of the little city inside the TV:

“You shouldn’t let poets lie to you”  Classic!

i watched it liked it lot of character development for people who are gonna die. have to watch a couple more to see if worthwhile