Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

This is gonna be bad for us Canadian tax payers next year.  Saw it on the news today.

Combined GST & PST!  :angry:

Much of Atlantic Canada has had this for years…
Many things that were exempt from pst will now have both… 
we have to pay for the games…

It’s replacing the bureaucracy and paperwork for two sales taxes with just one.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  I know most small businesses in the Atlantic provinces like it – less red tape.

but more cost to the public

How’s that?  The HST in Atlantic Canada is less than they were paying with the combined PST + GST. 

more things like BC hydro, gas and many other services will now have both taxes

Restaurant meals were 5 %  GST not PST  They will now be  12%  HST
Hydro and Gas Same…  Haircuts were 5 now they will be 12…

Many things that just had 1 tax will all now have both …
Airfares were 5 % GST now they will be 12 % HST  the list goes on and on…

Atlantic Canada gets screwed by HST now BC will too… 

well for others it will not mean much but when i do order from ncix i get one of them removed sure its fine for the business.

I think it affects all foods outside of the basic ones as well, so every bit of junk food you buy and have been paying GST on will now be 7% more. I work at a small business and while it may seem like less paperwork, no-one in the accounting department seemed very happy about it nor will the clerks be happy listening to customers griping about it.

It’s a cash grab, even my Liberal husband admitted it today after trying to defend it last night. Things like the gas bill sitting in front of me, with an extra 7% added onto it, or last night’s takeout which would have been another 7% higher are proof that yes, we’ll be seeing less money in our wallets come next summer.


And childrens’ clothes as well.  Right now you don’t have to pay the PST if your buying for under 15 year olds. And what about bikes, helmets etc. all the safety gear and environmently friendly things, your not paying PST on those either.  Once we have the HST we’ll pay more for them too.  It’s just another money grab foe the BC government.  They get over 1 billion from the feds to sign on to it.

Pleaes forgive my ignorance as I really don’t know how this would work but for people with a status card and are exempt to some degree, how does this apply?

The churning reams of paper generated by the GST rebating system is bizarre as it is. I was hoping it would be implemented more like the PST.
Resellers exempted and the end customer pays the tax, to cut paperwork.
Right now I don’t know if it means I will be paying 12% tax on purchases for resale instead of 5%. If so, customers aren’t going to see anything but increases if I’m required to tie up 7% more for stock!

That is a good question Codybear…my guess is that the stat cards would not apply now to certain cost or items that usually tax exempt.

It would be safe to say, its not harmonized…Its HARPERIZED.

HST = Harper Sales Tax!  :angry:

Looks like the difference between BC’s HST implementation and Atlantic Canada’s HST implementation is that there won’t be a reduction of taxes in BC – just the opposite.

When it was introduced in Atlantic Canada, tax rates were reduced.  In Newfoundland, the HST rate was almost 5% less than the combined GST + PST rate. 

I guess BC is going in the opposite direction.

Well… quite a time to instantly raise the cost of living.

When gas prices went up, all you complained to.  Theres a few of us that don’t worry about a few extra bucks a month spent.  Everyone will get use to it when theres something else to complain about.

Well if that is as it will be then it is another Liberal Ripoff that we can or cannot sit back and enjoy. What is with those idiots in the red sweaters and ties. I believe that the folk who voted them suckers back in should be held accountable since no one has the right stuff to take Gordo down.

I am still hoping for an answer.  I have asked a couple of people today who are now wondering the same thing…  (Sorry, didn’t mean to quote myself, just lazy tonite!)

how about just deal with it i think status cards should have an expiry date like credit cards anyway  :sunglasses:

I’m sure there’s an obscure 300 page CRA form so you can save all your receipts and claim it back if you have status.
Otherwise, what good is a status card now off-rez? Stores here will just look at it and say “That’s $11.20” regardless.

Only on-reserve purchases are tax exempt for people with status cards; off-reserve purchases are and always have been taxable. HST will not change that.