Hardware Key

Anyone ever hear of a hardware key?

Anyways, it’s a key that plugs into the lpt1 printer jack. It is used for mapping software PAMAP v. 5.2.

It’s an old program for GIS, but I still need to use it to export my data to another GIS software.

I have to assign a licence key to it so I could use it.
Windows XP pro has a read only lock, and I need to assign that key to a .dat file so I could use the software. I can’t take that read only of the folder I need to assign it too.

Does anyone know a solution to this situation? :angry:

Ive seen hardware keys used for programming cell phones.

There was a little dongle that plugged into a serial port, then you plugged a cable into that to the cell phone. w/o the hardware dongle you could not program the cell phone.

I believe that Cube base for mac also did this but had a usb key Since usb sticks are cheap to by now they are easy to crack…