Hardcore Holiday

An assortment of your favorite Christmas tunes done by artists you don’t know in a way that just isn’t kid friendly.

  1. Jesus - Spiderbait 
  2. Captain Morgan’s Christmas 
  3. Silent Night - Fitz of Depression 
  4. Seasonal Excuse - Trigger Happy 
  5. Police Navidad - One Ton Shotgun 
  6. You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch 
  7. Santa Claus Is Back in Town - Poison Idea 
  8. Sleigh Ride - Rhythm Pigs 
  9. Oh Little Town of Deathlehem - Killdozer 
  10. Santa Never Dies - Ultra Bidé 
  11. (I Need A) Holiday 
  12. Little Drummer Boy - Engine Kid 
  13. Fk Christmas, Fk Santa, F**k You - Blood Sausage 
  14. What Tom Likes About Christmas - Show Business Giants 
  15. Dirty Equation [Xmas Mix] - Dirty Three 

I’ve heard of a few of em…Saw Blood Sausage live once too…Kid friendly?  Not a sound for mainstream wanker kids thats for sure, but probably healthier for their developing minds than slutty bubblegum pop and fake studio gangsta rap!

I know spiderbait did a cool cover of black betty.

The music on this cd is pretty damn fine despite the sound quality not being top shelf. On the other hand, punk shouldn’t sound purty.