Hard Drive for Sale?

Anyone looking at selling an old IDE hard drive? I’m looking to put another HD in my computer for a sepperate OS so I don’t need much. Even a 4 gig would work.


No such luck?

I have one you can have.

3150 cylinders x 16 heads x 63 sectors. Dunno how big it is. If it isn’t big enough, there’s an 8 gig one here you can take too.

Nice! That’d be awesome. When can I grab em off you?

You can drop by now if you want, if I’m not around, I’ll leave them in the porch. Just ask whoever answers the door for the hard drives.

(I can see it now – anyone reading this will rush to beat TranscendingRationality to my place, so that they score two free hard drives)

Haha where do I go to find your place?

Actually, I’ll figure it out eh. Be by in a bit!

I just sent you a message.

Man no internet sucks.

[quote=“MiG”]I just sent you a message.

Man no internet sucks.[/quote]

I know, damn!

I feel like less of a person without internet.

Thats why you should usually always back yourself up for situations like these and watch spaceballs or some star wars… :smile:

Spaceballs! I forgot I owned it.

Wait? I think the interweb is back up!

It totally is