Happy Thanksgiving HTMF:-)

Happy Thanksgiving, HTMF! 
I hope you are all well and enjoying the holiday break.  :smiley:

Ah go stuff a turkey…  :-o

Yes a happy Thanksgiving to all, contributors, moderators and lurkers alike.  :-D

LOL  :smiley:


Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for all the cool people on HTMF. I’m also thankful for my Family and most of all my Girlfriend.
You guys have an amazing day and TTFN.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  How many more years till HTMF has been up for 10 years, Mig?

Hey thanks, I am pretty cool. BTW she’s cheating on you. You’re welcome.


She’s also pregnant and its not yours.

Jesus, not all women are black widows…


Maybe not the ones you negotiate a price with and pay upfront.

No, they are too… You can just tell those ones to leave afterwords… :unamused:


Happy Thanksgiving Canada  :smile:

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Rupert People 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone…Ohhhhhhh, so stuffed    :stuck_out_tongue:

Belated happy Thanksgiving…we didn’t overeat since I cooked turkey over a bar-b-que at our rental in Ukee and I warned everyone that I expected not to have to cook a full meal again the next day, SO THERE HAD DAMN WELL BETTER BE LEFTOVERS!!

Worked like a charm!


mmmmm turkey day is always a good day  :smiley: