Happy Earth Day and Global Dimming

Happy Earth Day.  Here’s some interesting reading about Global Dimming:



I got a surprise the other day when the first entry on Google stated Earth’s albedo as 0.37

Friends thought I was a nerd because I was the only one who knew what albedo was when Vangelis’ Albedo 0.39 came out in the 70s… ( 10,000 movies and documentaries have used parts on their soundtrack)

The lower the albedo the more energy is absorbed from the sun. Global dimming relates to the amount that gets through particulate pollution to the surface, and can mask global warming. Hotter atmosphere, less light coming through. Complicated shit. Way over the heads of George Bush and Stephen Harper. Possible worse than Al Gore could imagine.
Let’s just think of possible solutions because our politicians sure won’t.

I too am very concerned about our environment! :astonished:
Unfortunately little or nothing will be done in North America to combat this dire situation as we have bone-headed conservative politicians playing Russian roulette with our planet.
I try to do a little to help.  Our family has one mid-sized car, we re-cycle a lot, turn down the heat in our house, and dim the lights.
Can the World continue going down this terrible pathway?  We will if Harper and the Republicans are re-elected.
I suggest we vote for politicians who give a shit about our planet.  I’ll continue to vote NDP.

The World isn’t going down any “terrible pathway”…  It is Steady-as-she-goes towards a realm of continuity.  Entropy is forever increasing… and that’s how Nature likes it!