Happy Day


I’m pretty happy :smiley: It’s really hot and sunny

oh my … that guy is a dork

happy day, is any day thats warm and sunny in Prince Rupert.

Currently, Prince Rupert is the only place in the country thats raining and less than 20 degrees… I hate it here.  Good thing im gone next week… W00t!

rainy and below 20 degrees?  there is a shocker

down here in the valley it’s been 35 plus for the last 5 days, it’s AWESOME

I don’t miss that damn rain one bit, i don’t care what anybody there says about loving the rain, i’m loving the sun and the heat…viv la Kootenays!

I hope you sweat to death. Curse your hot sarcastic soul.

I’ve spent the last 2 days in the lake and will be spending the rest of the week there since I am working night shifts  :sunglasses:

that might actually just happen…as today we are expecting to hit almost 40 degrees

the bad side is, every where you go the smell of sweaty ass cracks prevail

Yay for swass!  :laughing:

I just got back from Vancouver and their low in the morning was the high in Rupert for the day. Love that heat.

Better swass than swussy!  :unamused:

its 80 outside right now

midwest of usa

It’s been about 91.4 around here for awhile.  33 celcius.  Or at least that’s the temperature it’s been where I’ve been working. 

As for swass and swussy I’ve got to say I don’t enjoy my swasticles one bit. 

oh yeah the rest of the province in in a heat wave and we here in good olde Rupert are wearing rain gear. :laughing:

I don’t know what you’ve been doing, but Rupert has been pretty nice the last week or so.  Haven’t needed my rain gear for a while.

The grass is always greener on the other side… especially if the other side in Prince Rupert.


Shut up, Mike … you don’t want to give away the big secret about Prince Rupert!

how the hell are ya???what have you been up to??? i havent seen you in ages!!!