Happy Birthday to the most famous of framers

According to the htmf birthday hotline notification system, our esteemed leader of keyboard wielding forum pundits is having a birthday today.

Many happy returns on this most celebrated of days to Mig!

Hell of a day to celebrate a birthday, what with Newfoundland accepting Canada into Confederation on this day and other such merriment as the calendar specifies.

Best wishes.

Happy Birthday Mig

Happy Birthday Mig. and have a Wonderful Day of it .

Sounds like an April Fools joke to me. If not, Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Mig!

happy b-day Mig

Happy birthday MiG!

Nah, it was his birthday on this day last year too. And the year before that. :stuck_out_tongue: (duh)

Happy birthday Mig!
Have fun, but not too much fun. We don’t want you to hurt yourself or anything…

He wants the Marilyn Monroe version!


He wants the Marilyn Monroe version![/quote]

Everybody sing!!!

Oh man… thanks!

Happy Birthday, MiG :smile: