Happenings Around Northern BC

Talk about time warp! I am in the middle of Smithers, when a siren sounds. I thought it was some sort of disaster signal or something. So I obviously asked around and to my surprise it sounds at noon, for lunch hour.
The drive here was a tad bit depressing due to the site of some of our beautiful forests smoking away. It is almost eerie looking already. There are very few flames compared to last night and the night before, so hopefully it only smoulders and eventually extinguishes very soon!!
So how is everyone enjoying our extrordinary weather?? I managed to camp near the Kitimat River this weekend and saved some guys life, liturally.
We set up camp on Saturday afternoon and noticed a fella sleeping in his car. I assumed he had a long hot day on the river fishing, and was taking a rest. He never moved all night. In the morning I brought him a muffin, some 7Up and some beef jerky, thinking he needed nourishment with this insane heat. He was very delerious, but I did not want to question him or make him feel uncomfortable, incase he really was alright. SUnday night my buddy gave him a couple of cool wet towels to freshen up with and a litre of water. Yesterday morning I decided that if I didn’t call the police to go check up on him, he wouldn’t make it. Sure enough he was hospitalized. A bit of a nerve racking situation, and I am glad I got him help before it was too late.

I like fans

Never be afraid to question or check something like that. I learned by watching a blind study about not being worried about checking someone out of they seem hurt or if something was wrong with them.

A group of students (there were IIRC about 5 groups tested) mix of races, genders etc that were going into a room to write a test for a job application. On their way to the room they had to pass a guy on a ladder in a hallway cleaning or painting or something, I cant remember.

But partway through the ‘test’ they were writing a loud crash from the hallway followed by moaning, obviously the guy falling from the ladder in a big way. But of all the people in the room only a few people acutally got up to check the guy out in the hallway.

It was an interesting experiment.

i heard that all the fans in rupert were sold out…

Oh? Cold showers are great. Don’t drink too much water though

It’s pretty hard to drink too much water. But when you do it’s not fun, throws your electrolytes and all that fun shit out of balance, brain swells, dizziness, derliousness, coma, death.