How often do you shave your facial hair?

  • once a day
  • meh, when ever it needs it
  • never! this bush ain’t never gettin trimmed! I like being able to know what I had for breakfast last friday!
  • Eso’s sideburns need a trimmin yo fo shizzle my nizzle

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This is a question mainly for the male members of society. However since the women are effected by it they should also have input.

I have a feeling that this thread was caused by some sort of hair-related marital dispute.

Don’t stop fighting the good fight, Ryan!

(Ryan speaking)

I have sad, sad news. As of 10/09/03 my Hockey beard was mysteriously murdered by an unknown source.

Thankfully, my hockey hair cut has been left alone… for now.

Tis a sad sad day indeed.

Eso man, you need a black tooth, that’d be fucking uber dude.

Dude, what the fuck?

I thought we were going to grow playoff beards together?

I hate you.

(Ryan again, jee, isn’t it obvious though)
Yeah, well, dude, I thought… ahh fuck what I thought, I lost the battle for the beard.

But, the battle of the Mullet will live.

But, on a brighter note, bought some wicked ass shinguards for hockey, with “clear kevlar” as they wrote on the box, for like 8 bucks, it was wicked, sports chek during sales = uber.

Same with Soul Calibur 2, found it for like 20 bucks cheaper than Zellers in Rupert.

Anyways, will be back in Rupert at 9:45amish, and then will sleep a bit, before having to work that night, bleh.

Man, I could be clean shaven and it still looks like theres hair on my face.



than you aren’t clean shaven… get a mach3 or a or the xtreme3 should solve your gia-pet face

I do have mach3. Grow some facial hair and you might have a clue what Im talking about.

you should ask Mr. Crowley


Dear FTG’s… You may now have sex…

With this ugly fuck…

me too.


me too.[/quote]

Welcome to manhood boys!