Hackingthemainframe is famous!

We got yet another mention in the newspaper!

Rudy Kelly used hackingthemainframe in the end of a story relating the people in a movie to the people he works with.

He said a guy that thinks he’s Buddha is loved on hackingthemainframe.

If anyone cares I’ll post the quote later.

Oh yeah… and hoshq, this is shunk cabbage. Rupert is full of it. It creates a lovely backyard stench to go with the muskeg and creeks that flow through town.


yea you may have a big blue van, but it really shows who’s the biggest and bluest here… you’re officially not a rupertite if you call them “strange flowers”.

oh and qost the puote now!

[quote=“Rudy Kelly”]
Those wacky characters of the newsroom
By Rudy Kelly
For those of you who may not know, I was actually a working reporter prior to becoming strictly a columnist. I worked, part-time, at a weekly in Alberta for a couple of years and put in nine years, full-time, at a daily.
About six years ago, I left the newspaper business to work at the aboriginal friendship centre I’m currently employed at; mostly because I didn’t think it was fair to drag my son around on assignments anymore and couldn’t afford to pay a babysitter every time I went out on one. As time has passed, I have mostly lost that reporter’s lust for a good story, for the chase of that crucial quote, for that perfectly timed photo . . . mostly. But, every now and then, a feeling rises inside of me, like so many Boxing Day snacks, and I know that I will never stop being a journalist completely.
Recently, I sat down with two reporter friends, one of them an editor, and we watched the Ron Howard movie, “The Paper,â€[/quote]

I dont get it.

hoshq that picture is so NOT FUNNY!

Or wait… maybe it is… the Leafs STINK TOO!

Likewise, though I didn’t bother to read the whole thing.

^^ haha neither did i

Rudy Kelly must have read this: viewtopic.php?t=2267

I kinda feel bad for him!

[quote=“Prudence”]Rudy Kelly must have read this: viewtopic.php?t=2267

I kinda feel bad for him![/quote]

He did, actually. He mentioned it to me one day at work.

Rudy Kelly is talking about himself. He is the columnist who believes he is Buddha. It’s obvious to me and I’m sure to many of you too.

Rudy you are going to be a Rupert legend. The only native willing to joke about it in town crier. You’ve got ballz!

Sure… now you suckup after Big Thumb clued you in.

so is he acknowledging a legitimate dis or something? or is he being all sarcastic like hes got the buddha nature and what we say just goes ping and ricochets off his golden ass ?

you know I could almost think his mention of htmf in that article was a troll.

I wouldn’t doubt it’s a troll, especially since he said he’s “beloved.”

Troll or no troll… we still got free advertizing.

Hence the troll.

A good troll is a subtle one.


Sure… now you suckup after Big Thumb clued you in.[/quote]

I didn’t need bigthumb to clue me in, I can read. Oh and trust me, it wasn’t ass kissing. It was a chance to let Rudy know that his native humour sucks.

so how famous is this forum