Hack the Cellamaphone

My $1.99 USB/Cell phone cable came in the mail today, along with 10,000 or so ringtones and some wallpaper. Meh, I’ll be making my own once I get all of this figured out. Phone to be tampered with is a Samslung SCH-650A. Any advice on software I should try? I have been told DataPilot rocks, but just in case it doesn’t work, I’m open to suggestions. Also, links to cool stuff like games or programs would be nifty. I wonder how much storage this little guy has…

I’ve been told that I can fix up my phone with tons of wallpapers and ringtones too with a simple cable and cd off of ebay, but I have yet to order mine. Has anyone else done this?

I hate the lame ringtones that came with my cell… I wish we could download things like every other cell service in Canada.

Yup, ive done it with datapilot, I have an lg4015 works great the only problem is i dont have software to create the midis

Thanks for the link to that cell forum, Jesus. I already got a reply from a guy who ordered the exact same cable/CD from the same Ebay store, and it works fine on his A670 and his wife’s A650… Not sure why I’m having such problems.

Hmm. I should look into that for my cell. I really hate the few ringtones it has.