Guy in crosswalk

did anyone see or hear bout what happend to the old guy that got hit in the crosswalk by hortons. who what when???

I think it was today around lunchtime I saw the first repsonder and police and ambulance whiz by me. Hope he is okay.

I heard from witness that it was a guy from S&A soup kitchen and he got hit pretty good lots of blood but could be Prince Rumors again, never sure any more. Somebody is in trouble I believe. I heard the guy had a walker, so we got rid of the chairman and a walker gets hit.

My dad, nephew and I were coming from the bottle depot around noon and saw the person laying in the road, seemed to have happened pretty recent. The ambulances hadn’t arrived yet.  It was pretty obvious he had been hit in the cross walk beside Herbys.  He was about ten feet away from it unconscious in the road. Hit pretty hard I imagine, by a white pickup truck… pretty bloody… I had to look away.  A guy living above Herbys seemed to have been on the phone with emergency.  Also noticed the walker on the sidewalk with onlookers.  There were people around, but they were on the sidewalk, not near him really, just looking.

That’s my account of it anyways. 

Couldn’t stop to ask anyone on account of not wanting to traumatizing my nephew.
Hope he is alright. 

Would love to get any follow up on this, I have been thinking about it all day.

I heard the victim was born in 1930 and that the vehicle involved was a white company truck from “Stramdahls”(sp).

I must have just missed it as I came through there this afternoon. The sun was pretty intense and of course, visibility was rather poor. I was amazed at how many people were driving pretty fast given the circumstances.

No kidding - as Rupertites we probably shouldn’t complain about the sunshine but it’s so hard to see going up Second and Third Avenues when the sun is hovering right on the horizon like that. 

I was at Tim Hortons a little after the man was hit.  The sun was slanting in towards Tim hortons which may have blinded the motorist.
A real tragedy.

The sun is brutal when heading west at this time of year.  All the more reason to slow down and be careful.

Does anyone know how the man who was hit is doing?