Gutter Cleaner/Fixers

Other than Quality Exteriors, and The Gutter Brothers, is there anyone else in town that installs/cleans/fixes residential rain gutters? We’ve dealt with those 2 places before, and one over-charges, while the other one says they will come over, and never does.

We basically need someone to clean out, and make sure our gutters are in proper working order. Any suggestions?

You check out ‘North Coast Roofing’ they also deal with gutters phone number is 250-627-9381

“Gutter Lou” 250-624-3147

cleans gutters/ washes siding etc.

Mackenzie Hauling
does small jobs and is available right now
250 622-9744

Just a reminder, be sure to confirm whoever you hire has WCB coverage or you could have a huge problem if they were injured while working on your property.