Guitar, Hard Case and Amp for SALE

I’m selling a Jay Turser Vintage Series electric guitar, including a hard case and medium sized amp. $450 OBO. Guitar is brand new - never been played. It was given to me and I have nooo time to use it.

That guitar is worth 150 brand new and the amp is worth 150 brand new. You want 450 ???
Not adding up to a great deal really.

150 is generous. I’d give 80 for the amp, subject to a half an hour playin’ through it.

$450 was an estimate a friend gave me. I’m 100% willing to negotiate for anyone who is seriously looking to buy. It does come with a hard case - making it more valuable.

Would you sell this whole set for $200.00 ?

I have a kid who has a birthday today. If you respond today maybe we can work something out but by 3:00 today I have to have something so please let me know.