I hear gretzky got nailed for drunk driving after he smashed his Hummer into a grocery store window during lunch hour. What kind of a hero is that? What a creep…what a clown.


Have anything to back up your claims?

Look up Do you know what cbc is? you mean? tool.

Dont worry be happy…either you are an unemployed guy or you are skipping school…get a job winner

Ah, I work AND go to school, yourself?

Hey dude , truce, no worries, just kickin the can. But I also heard that gretzky tries to write phony prescriptions to get oxycontin. Weird rich people heh?

Hm, interesting, I guess you don’t work or go to school, but I’ll leave the flaming out for this thread, for now. You do a lot of hearing, but or google isn’t hitting anything for a “Gretzky Drunk Driving” or anything similar.

Settle down, guys. It’s pointless to argue over some way overpaid retired hockey player, who could pay his way out of a DUI charge. That is my opinion anyway. There are way more admirable people you could meet.

Yeah, Funny i never found anything either. But also even so, Gretzky still rocks. but by far not the greatest.

Yeah I just checked on all news sites that I usually go to and I saw nothing about Gretzky, good bad or otherwise.

I did see that Michael Jackson was acquitted on all charges of child molestation though. Disappointing.

Scotian = yngwie_69

No wonder you guys can’t find anything… this thread isn’t about Gretzky, it’s about Gtetzky. I’m sure there’s tons of google hits about that guy :unamused: