Grow Ops in the downtown core

The story first started circulating along the message boards of hackingthemainframe, Prince Rupert’s on line reservoir of information.
Tales of a suspected grow operation discovered in the downtown area, within sight of City Hall. A location, where police officers wearing protective masks were seen going in and out of the back of a building, along since closed restaurant in the 600 block of Third Avenue West.

As that investigation was going on, a second operation was reportedly located on Second Avenue West, close to the Daily News offices. Where yet a larger number of marijuana plants were also found…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 0672  )-

it’s amazing they weren’t found earlier =\

If I am correct (about the fact of a generator) -

what type of abandoned buildings need generators anyways?

The KFC building, it was bought at the same time as the imperial palace I remember the guys cleaning out that building too.

dang now i gotta find a new place to hide my crops! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now why don’t those “City Run”, gun slingers jus leave the lil greenie growers alone, legalize the potty, and go after the cocoa puffers??? seems like there seems to be the same mid sized dealers that have been dealing ever since I moved out there in 2001, and guess what??? they still are dealing. Honestly, ((1))How many marriages were lost to pot, versus how many marriages lost to alcohol, or chemical drugs??? ((2))How many death certificates state that the cause of death was due to marijuanna versus once again alcohol, or even chemical drugs. ((3))How many many motor vehicle accidents have been from the usage of pot, versus alcohol, or chemical drugs??? I know this one dealer who has been busted at least three times, and he still sells coke, and other chemical drugs. Marijuanna is merely a plant that starts from a seed, gets planted, and grows, sure there is a lil fertillizer mixed in with it, however there surely isn’t as many chemicals as there is in cigarrettes, yet the government loves the revenus from tobacco, and alcohol sales. LEGALIZE the stuff, and let our “City Run gun slingers”, go after more speeders, and those not wearing their seat belts, to boost the cities income,

But in between Grow Op bust someone is making one hell of a lot of money. The question here is how long has this operation been going on in our fine community. I say they should be going after the Hard Drug Dealers who are destroying so many individuals and especially our children. The problem is they need witnesses to do these busts and for some reason people are afraid that they may get hurt in the crossfire. Now in this town we have some sort of Gangsters moving this stuff and where there are gangsters the are for sure weapons. But they are getting organized to the hilt.

I agree that the police should go after the “Harder” drugs and the dealers. The problem with that is the punishment is nowhere near any sort of detterent against the same pepople getting right back into it or another person just filling the void.
The problem, unfortunately, is bigger than our city can handle on its own. As such we are forced to feel as though real progress is made when a few hundred plants of pot are found and destroyed. :sunglasses: