Grizzly Bear

I’m hearing rumours of a Grizzly Bear being spotted on the west side of town. This is obviously very serious so if anyone can confirm or dispel this rumour it would be appreciated.

I didn’t hear “grizzly” at all, but did hear several reports of a large black bear around the Totem Lodge and pathway up to Kootenay and McKay Streets.

Thank you. I heard that it may have been a grizzly and that it was a large brown bear seen multiple times in the McKay and Omineca areas.

making his way up to the MNt Hays to hibernate, hope he made it there safely…

Thanks Astro…I appreciate the sentiment. I too hope that the bear makes it safely to wherever it is going.
However, since I do walk in the area on a regular basis (both in the morning and evening) any updates would be appreciated.
So if anyone’s seen the bear…
For those of you who have been keeping your eyes open and posting updates…here’s a fun game to keep you on your toes. I almost got it right first time…

Up from where? A little side trip I’d say. Let’s also hope that all of the residents, especially the kids, stay safe considering there has also been a confirmed cougar sighting on the west side as well.

Has been more than 1 Grizzly over at Dodge Cove this year. Never heard of one over there before either, so they are certainly closer than I can recall,