Greyhound stopping service

Opinions? I’m concerned about the loss of this service.

Is it just not profitable anymore?

Yes. That’s the company explanation.

With an average of 10 passengers its not surprising. We use to have twice daily bus service, then it went down to 1, and now not even everyday. The last time I took the bus there was 5 of us including the driver. Shipping costs are outrageous. I take the train more as its just more comfortable. Booking online for either is cheaper than buying at the bus depot or on the train.

Doing the same thing the trains did.
Make the service shittier and shittier until no one will use it, then you justify the drop in ridership to unload it on the government’s ass.
Honest to God, trapped in Wawa in the rain hitchhiking for 3 days was preferable to riding in a busload of drunks stopping every 15 minutes for 1/2 an hour and gagging on the stink of an overflowing toilet the whole time.
Once, in the most broke-ass time of my life my folks my folks bought my 12 year old daughter and I bus tickets to come to Vancouver for Christmas. Talk about the Seventh Circle of Hell waiting to get picked up at 5:30 Christmas morning, trash and needles on the station floor (at least they HAD a station, didn’t have to wait out in the rain). Poor kid pissed herself, couldn’t hold it anymore wouldn’t use the disgusting bathroom.
When my Mom talked to her cuz he was still crying Christmas afternoon, she spilled her story of how awful it was. A few days after my parents dragged me to ICBC, paid for a years insurance and handed me the keys to his old pickup. She sang all the way home, there was SFA on the old AM radio.
That and losing a $3000 set of blueprints they were couriering to PG (two whole stops away)… got no love at all for Greyhound. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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BTW they’ve had no service at all to the Fort for over 3 or 4 years…

That’s great now Vancouver and other cities cant buy they’re homeless a one way ticket to prince rupert , saddly we have enough already .