Greyhound Bus

I have only taken the bus before I had children. I was just wondering if I were to take my two children 9 and 10 on the bus to Prince George, how is the ride and would they be able to sleep? Would like the opinions of other people who have taken the bus. The train does not go when we need it, so this is not an option.

Well I have not done it for years, but leaving at night with ear plugs and sitting near the back you should be able to sleep…
It is a long and boring ride at night but best for sleeping… The train ride is far better but the bus ride is not the worst I have done…

From the time our kids were little to their teens we always took the train at Christmas. It’s by far the best option.

A couple of times we had to go by bus and we always took the night one. Sleep makes the trip go faster.

I had to take the bus up on Dec 27 for medical do to no health bus and I took the night bus and had the back seat .Had a great sleep,they are not long at the stops at night.

I don’t know how anyone can sleep on the bus with all the weirdos out there. Sad. But true. The last time I took the bus to PG it was really long, the bus driver I felt to be driving way too fast (for driving a bus) and there was heavy veering to avoid moose. All in all, I would’ve taken any other form of transportation if I had the choice.

Too bad you can’t take the train. We’ve paid for the daughter & grandkids to come out from Terrace, the train’s cheaper and not only can they sleep they can get up and wander around instead of being stuck in a seat whining.

The last time I took the bus to PG, I used airmiles to get a certian mount off of my ticket price. Don’t know if they still do that or not. It’s a 10 hour ride, give or take. I enjoyed the day time trips, I really have a hard time sleeping while driving, but when I was little it was easy as pie. The leg room might be uncomfortable for you, but your kids shouldn’t have any problems. The night bus is usually quiet, because people try to get in as much sleep as possible. Day busses usually have whining, crying, seat kicking kids on them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve rode The 'Hound numerous times between Rupert and Smithers in the last year and a half, and never had a problem getting comfy. If you go on the night bus that leaves Rupert around 9pm, your kids will have no problems getting some shut-eye on the trip, as the bus is quiet and usually less than 20% full, so there is always room to spread out, away from other people. If there are passengers making noise, even from bleeding headphones, the driver will tell them to turn it down, as not to disturb other passengers.

If you take the bus that leaves Rupert around 10am, then you will get to see a lot more scenery along the way, longer stops, and usually a few more passengers too.